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In Negin Azadi Rehabilitation Clinic

Upon entering the clinic, your name will be registered as a member of the family of Negin Azadi Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic to receive continuous and various services. We believe that physical fitness and accurate treatment require an experienced medical team. Correct diagnosis, team therapy, continuous service with the best method is our main goal

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Clinic departments

Physical medicine and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain.

Neurological diseases, headaches and migraines

Rheumatism and orthopedics of the back and neck and osteoarthritis

Specialized foot and biomechanics clinic, technical orthopedist

Electrodiagnosis, nerve and muscle tape and brain tape

Gynecological diseases and women’s health

Speech therapy and pain psychology and sports

Pelvic floor problems, sexual disorders and urinary incontinence


Familiarity with the treatment staff

Professor Bijan Forough
Physical medicine specialist and clinic manager

Dr. Ali Sharifnejad
Biomechanics specialist and clinic manager

Mrs. Dr. Maryam Ismaili
Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation

Dr. Naseh Yousefi
Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation

Mrs. Dr. Katayoun Moradi
Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation

Dr. Alireza Mousavi

Mrs. Dr. Maryam Abolhassani
Sports medicine

Mr. Reza Behrozi

Ms. Seljukh

Ms. Mona Jafari
Speech therapy

Mr. Arash Shahriari
Speech therapy

Ms. Marzieh Akbari
Master of Technical Orthopedics

Ms. Fatemeh Sadeghi
Technical orthopedic expert

Ms. Kimia Abolhassani
Technical orthopedic expert

Ms. Zahra Yousefi

Ms. Azarang